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February 2, 2016 Hair Vitamins


Hairfinity hair vitamins are so popular that everyone is seeking the new codes.  I use these vitamins so I hunt for new codes and share them with you. Hairfinity promo codes are hard to come by and short lived. So just click below and you will see the newest coupon codes and expired ones. Most are current for 2015-16. Also if we get any codes that are for 3, 6 months to 12 month supplies you know we will post it. I know you are waiting for 20% , 25% to 40% percent off…but 15% is doable. Hair Challenge for 2016 soon! We will post march  and new coupons for this month. Click here : .February  2016:   Click Here => Hairfinity coupons 

Here is some information about why and how vitamins help hair grow. You can save up to 15% depending what promotion is available even sometimes 20%.  Look out for March savings.

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Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair has three stages of life:

  • Anagen is the growth stage
    • Our hair is in this stage 90% of the time
    • Genetically determined by heredity
    • Average hair growth is 6 inches a year
    • This stage lasts two to eight years
    • Catagen is the transition stage
      • Lasts about two to three weeks
      • Telogen is the resting stage
        • Lasts two to four months

Therefore, most of the time and for years on end, our hair is in growth stage.  Can vitamins help hair that is brittle, thinning, falling out, and dry?  The results are inconclusive at best, since heredity plays such a large part in whether we have fast growing thick tresses or baby fine hair that never grows past twelve inches even in our teens.  Male pattern baldness also is quite unstoppable.

But what does affect hair luster, hair growth and hair appearance is our general health of our entire body.  We need protein, essential fatty acids, certain vitamins and nutrients and minerals like iron and zinc.  When our health is compromised, and the body becomes deficient in any vitamin or element, the hair is one of the first indicators that something is wrong.  It becomes dry, brittle, and dull and shedding may appear more pronounced.

Therefore, can vitamins help hair?  Yes, certainly and the best way is a healthy diet.  Before rushing off the health store to buy bottles of vitamins and mineral supplements, look to your diet needs and buy the proper foods that all contain important nutrients for your hair:

  • Salmon, oily fish, Sardines, Tuna, Trout, Liver, Avocado, Nuts
    • Supplies Omega-3 and Omega-6 and essential fatty acids
    • This helps keep hair nourished and not dry
    • Provides B-12 and Iron
    • Dark Leafy Vegetables, like Swiss chard, broccoli, kale and spinach
      • Provides iron to help oxygenize hair
      • Creates sebum, hairs natural moisturizer
      • Provides vitamins A and C
      • Beans and Chickpeas
        • Very high in B vitamins and Zinc to help build hair protein
        • Provides Biotin essential for hair health
        • Poultry
          • Source of B-complex vitamins
        • Eggs
          • Source of Biotin and B-12
        • Whole Grains
          • Good sources of zinc, iron and B vitamins
        • Oysters
          • Provides zinc
        • Low fat Dairy
          • Provides Calcium and Vitamin C which improves circulation
          • Carries essential vitamins and nutrients to roots of the hair
        • Carrots, and other yellow and orange vegetables
          • Good source of Vitamin A
          • Provides Beta-carotene