What is coupon math

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Shoppers are always on the lookout for great deals, and an endless supply of  coupons present even more savings. While the concepts of ‘50% off’ or ‘buy one get one free” seem simple enough at first, understanding the actual savings on each item may require the help of coupon math. Even though coupons love using the word ‘free’, technically there’s nothing free about couponing since purchases are still made and each individual item does come with a price. A specific coupon can lead to purchases that weren’t originally a part of the plan, so it’s useful to know exactly how much was saved at the end of the day.


With so many different coupons offering various discounts, the most challenging part about couponing is understanding what those end savings really are. Creating a solid math guide that tackles the most common coupon scenarios is a great start toward successful and practical couponing. However, coupon math doesn’t begin with clipping and end at the register; it’s also beneficial for keeping an organized couponing record.


To better prepare for easy couponing, it’s helpful to practice coupon math for the most commonly found situations. This beginning coupon math lesson begins with the famous, ‘buy one, get one free coupon.’ While ‘free” sounds great, coupon math breaks down the numbers and reveals what ‘free’ actually costs. As an example, take a coupon that’s advertising a free bottle of dish detergent with a purchase of one. In this case, the bottle of detergent costs $3.49; to calculate the price paid for each bottle, divide $3.49 by two and both bottles come out to be $1.75 each.


Moving one step farther, use coupon math to calculate a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon that’s redeemed during a ‘buy one, get one free’ store sale promotion. Using the same detergent bottle scenario, it’s already been calculated that each bottle is $1.75. With this sale, there’s now an additional ‘free” bottle of detergent thrown into the mix. To calculate the cost of each individual item, divide $3.49 by three and each bottle of detergent comes out to be $1.16.


Another great coupon math problem involves a store that’s running a ‘buy one, get another for 50% off” promotion and ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon. When preparing coupon math for this problem, always calculate store promotion prices before coupons. Since one bottle of detergent costs $3.49, the second bottle at 50% off will cost about $1.75. Now, apply the ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon to add another bottle to the problem. To calculate the price of each bottle, combine the individual prices of the first two bottles ($3.49 and $1.75) which equals $5.24. Divide $5.24 by three, and the cost for each bottle of detergent is about $1.75.


An interesting curveball that shakes up coupon math is rewards points. This next coupon math problem combines a ‘.50 off coupon’ with $2.00 in rewards points. First, apply the coupon to the $3.49 bottle of detergent which reduces the cost to $2.99, and the $2.00 in rewards points will bring the cost down to .99. A more complex problem involves purchasing a certain amount of items to achieve a rewards discount. In this problem, ten dollars worth of detergent must be purchased in order to redeem $3.00 in rewards; as well, there’s a ‘.50 off” coupon  that can be applied to each bottle.  For this problem, $10 equates to three $3.49 bottles of detergent.  After applying the .50 coupons to each item, the bottles come out to be about $3.00 each. To find out how much those $3.00 rewards points saved in the end, divide 3 by how many items were bought; in this case, three bottles saved about a dollar each. Therefore, if there were four bottles, $3.00 in rewards points would save each bottle .75.


After the coupon clipping and shopping is over, coupon math is useful for creating organized charts to calculate weekly, monthly and annual coupon savings. When making a chart on paper or a computer, make separate boxes or lists for items, the original retail price, sale price, coupons, in-store promotions, register price, rewards points and the final price. This simple practice sharpens coupon math skills by visualizing how it was used for each shopping trip.

Jamaican black castor oil coupon codes

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Jamaican black castor oil promo codes and what do use.

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Its Uses
There’s a growing awareness for the use of natural treatment alternatives in their fresh herbal form or as concentrated oils, and one good example is the Jamaican black castor oil. Although this type of oil is just starting to gain popularity, it has been widely used by earlier Central American and African cultures for providing relief and solution to common hair and scalp problems, including certain ailments associated with the skin and the joints.

What type of oil it is and how it is derived?

Most of the time, Jamaican black castor oil is compared with castor oil. They are essentially the same and sourced from the same bean, the only difference lies on how they are prepared or their final form. Castor oil is the refined type evidenced by its clearer color while the Jamaican black is the unrefined and raw type. The darker color is caused by the ashes that are present in the oil which is naturally produced during the roasting process. According to its proponents, this unrefined castor oil contains more nutritive and healthier components.

Jamaican black castor oil coupon codes As explained above, the oil is derived by roasting castor beans derived from a plant indigenous to the Jamaica and the Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and parts of India.

The Medical Uses of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

For centuries, this natural oil has been used as solution to the following health concerns or needs.
– For hair care and re-growth. Perhaps, the most popular and evident use of the oil is to ensure the health of both hair and scalp. It can be used as an alternative of conditioners when your hair needs moisturizing or the scalp is experiencing excessive or abnormal drying. The oil can solve the common hair problems of split ends, breakage, dandruff, other kinds of hair damage, or hair fail. It is widely used as a hot oil solution for wavy, curly, and kinky types of hair. And that it could help in the regeneration or re-growth of lost hair.
According to medical studies, Jamaican black castor oil has anti-toxin properties which are good for cleansing the scalp. When the oil is massaged unto the scalp, blood circulation improves and with the help of its added nutrients like Vitamin E and Omega acids, this eventually helps in triggering the production or re-growth of hair.
– For skin care and skin problem prevention. Ever wonder why native Jamaicans and their Mediterranean neighbors have healthy, youthful, and flawless skin despite their brownish or darker skin color? It is because they have that tradition of using natural herbs and oils like the Jamaican black castor oil in their regular skin-care regimen. As mentioned above, the oil is rich in Vitamin E and certain types of Omega acids. These nutrients are also considered essential to maintain healthiness of the skin.

It’s cleansing or anti-toxin properties ensure that skin residues that may cause skin problems like eczema, rashes, pimples, and liver spots will also be eliminated. Some users of the oil even claim that it has helped them in tightening up the skin and has solved age-related concerns like stretch marks, lines, and wrinkles.

– For relieving joint and muscle pains. The natural course of aging can’t be avoided so as the side-effects or body ailments that goes with it. The most common discomforts associated with aging include joint and muscle pains, arthritis, and rheumatisms. Jamaican black castor oil will be perfect in providing relief for the numerous painful symptoms of these joint and muscle problems. Just like any other essential oil, the Jamaican black castor oil will produce that needed heating effect especially when coupled with a massage.

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Top Tips for Using Coupon Codes

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How to use Coupon Codes to save dollars online

In these tough economic times, saving money on your online shopping is as important as ever before. With prices on most goods and food rising, it’s imperative to make your dollar go as far as possible. While millions of Americans struggle day by day with what they have, smarter consumers are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their outgoings but not sacrificing on the products and services they love.

But how do you reduce the cost of your spending, while enjoying the same goods and shopping at your favorite online retailers? This is where the humble Coupon Code website is your new best friend. Everyday thousands of savvy customers hit online coupon code websites in search of the best online codes. But what are coupon codes and how do you use them to save money?

What are online Coupon Codes?

A Coupon Code is a unique coded number or letter (or combination of both) that once entered in to your online shopping cart will discount a set amount (%) off the total. Alternatively a coupon code may also offer a free deal (e.g. free shipping). Online coupon codes are created by most of the popular online retailers to encourage customers to shop with them. Every coupon code has a non-monetary value but contains 2 important pieces of information. The first is how much discount will be offered, the second is the expiry date. Most coupon codes have an expiry date so make sure to check when that is so that you don’t miss out. All coupon code websites will clearly display the expiry date and any other terms next to the coupon code advertised which makes it nice and simple to understand.

How do I find a Coupon Code?

Once you are on a popular coupon code website, you can find new coupon codes using several different methods. The easiest initial way is to use the search bar often located on the top/centre of the website. The fastest way is to simply enter the name of your chosen store, for example “Bloomingdales”. However you can also search for other related keywords such as “home furniture” or “shoes”.

Once you have located the online store you wish to shop at, you should see a list of the current live coupon codes that the website has available. Be sure to check the description to ensure the coupon code is valid for what you wish to order. Once you’re happy click to copy the coupon code and visit the website.

If you are not sure what brand or store you wish to search for then why not use the category section to browse through the different sections for inspiration. Or perhaps check out the current trending or newest coupon codes on the homepage. As well as coupon codes, some websites also have Deals available. These are not coupon codes in that you don’t need to copy the code or use it to take part in the deal. Simply click through to the online store via the deal advert and you’re good to shop. Occasionally while searching for a coupon site for your favorite brand or store you may find that while the brand is listed, there are no current coupon codes available. Please remember that hundreds of new coupon codes are added every single day so it is worth bookmarking your favourite coupon codes website for later.


How to enter a Coupon Code?

Using a coupon code is fast and easy. Once you have located a coupon code that you would like to use, simply click the button to “Copy/Reveal” the code on your coupon website. Often while you click, a new window will open which load the chosen online store. The code has now been copied to your devices memory, ready to be pasted in later. You can always note down the code too if you wish.

You should now browse the online store and click to purchase the products that you wish. Once you have completed your shopping, click the online cart to check out. Now this is where you need to pay attention as each shopping website has a different process. You’re looking for a box during checkout called “Coupon code” or “Apply code” or something along those words. Once you spot this box, you need to right-click into it and select “Paste”. Alternatively if you have written down the code you can manually type it in the box. Once you have entered your coupon code hit the Apply button which should now recalculate your shopping cart with the discount.

And that is it. Place your order and enjoy your discount. Congratulations, you have now used your first coupon code to save money online and from now on you will be looking for coupon codes on all of your online purchases.

Top Tips for Using Coupon Codes:

  • Check your favorite coupon code website every day for new codes
  • Sign up to receive new coupon codes direct via email
  • Share coupon codes links with your friends on social media sites
  • Bookmark your favorite brand coupon pages to check regularly
  • Always check the expiry date and allow yourself time to order
  • Browse coupon sites for inspiration for brands you have not used before

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The Psychology of Coupon Codes and Sales

May 31, 2012 Information


The Psychology of the Coupon Code and Sales Price It’s a typical scenario. You are browsing your favorite shopping store on a Saturday morning. You really don’t have a particular item in mind, you are more or less impulse shopping and hopeful that a good deal will present itself, when all of a sudden it jumps right out at you– That red clearance sign that seems to scream your name as you pass it, you know the one, the one that leaves you with no choice but to take a peek at least. As the situation would have it, you are presented with an ever present temptation– The temptation of a sale or a clearance item. That all too familiar red tag or even the word sale alone lures most of us shoppers in without as much as a second thought. The question begs itself would you even give that item a second look had it not been for the tag. Chances are it’s that price tag that lures us in, whether it’s been marked up then back down again or not…that thought doesn’t come to play in a shopper’s mind when it comes to sales tags. I know that personally lucking up on a hot deal with a red tag gives me an invigorating rush and a thrill like non other. The same thing rings true for coupon codes online. How many times have you browsed the web or inquired your online friends for that coupon code before you could even consider making that online purchase? There’s just something about the satisfaction of punching in that code and watching the price change from 19.99 to 15.99 in seconds.

I don’t know about you but that in and of itself makes me feel like an accomplished and wise shopper. Take note that the coupon codes and sales/clearance tags all play into our psyche in a way that we may or may not want to admit. We can examine how JCPenney reconstructed their “sales” strategy and adopted a new 40% markdown or an “everyday value approach”. What happened as a result was that the sales took a fall, more than likely because the consumer was just not happy with the lack of seeing those sale prices, coupons , or markdowns. This more than establishes the power of the markdown price. Although customers would more than likely enjoy the same low prices available before, they chose to spend their earnings in department stores that are sales ridden and cater to the bargain hunter’s train of thought. The thing to consider here, that not just for the avid bargain hunters do sale prices, clearances and coupon codes affect us, but most of the general public make a conscious effort to avoid buying at retail value prices or full prices. With an economy declining steadily, we are all seeking a deal of some nature to make our money work for us instead of against us. In all of its glory, the coupon code gives us gratification and a sense of power in our unstable and ever changing economy. Bargain hunters can continue experiencing blissful shopping as long as we can key in our discount codes or hand the clerk that special coupon that eats away at the final sale price. There’s nothing like the sound of saving money!

Couponing is nothing new doing it correctly is still an art.

May 26, 2012 Shopping



Using coupons to save money is really nothing new. Years ago coupon clipping was the term. When most coupons were cut out of a newspaper or magazines.Women traditionally have been the biggest group of coupon users. Today many coupons are printed out.

My first real experience with a ”pro” coupon clipper was with my sister-in-law. She bought over 100 dollars in groceries without paying a cent! She had to pay the tax on it but other than that, not one penny.The people around her, in the store , even applauded her acievement, this woman had bought groceries for her family without paying anything but the tax.

Up until then coupons to me were a way to save maybe a dollar or two after spending a Sunday afternoon scouring the paper and magazines for coupons.

One large segment of coupons for women are beauty coupons.No one needs to tell a woman how expensive beauty products are. The  ”coupon pro” knows they can save a bundle with beauty coupons.

Today many coupons are found on the internet.The options are numerous and can be a bit overwhelming to sift through the sites to find the best.This article  will examine a few sites as well as tell you different features and options available for them.

Retailmenot.com is one of the largest beauty coupon sites.It has a very easy to follow format and lists almost all the major retailers.Which means you can look up a store, retailer and see what coupons they are currently offering. A great adavantage as well as an easy to use feature to use before a shopping trip.

The site also has the standard searches by product type.There is not a listing for just beauty products on the site. You need to look up specific product types like ”skin care”, “makeup.” This was the only drawback I saw on the site.Sometimes a site that lists beauty products you might see something else you wanted or were looking for. But a must site for beauty coupons.

Cosmeticspromocodes.com is another well known site. This site also offers promo codes, coupons as well as promotional offers.This site is an all cosmetic coupon site and the beauty products are broken down into very specific categories.Some of the categories are eyebrows, eyelash, eyes, nails. Very specific site. This site is a great site to visit when you have decided on a need for specific items.

Couponcactus.com is a must site for any coupon fans. This site actually pays you three dollars to sign up with them.In addition you will get your own page that you can put coupons on and  whenever someone uses them you get paid a commision. This site truly raises the bar for coupon sites. Not only do you get the savings from coupons but a chance to earn some money.

There are  different sections, the site is very large, and there are different ways to search.You can search for retailers, they seem to have the major retailers listed and almost any company you might have heard of. Very extensive.

You can also search by topics.This site is well put together but perhaps not as specific as some of the other sites. Nevertheless it  looks  like a site you could spend a day on .

Couponchief.com is another beauty coupon site . This one differs in that almost all the coupons are uploaded by members. This site is another site where coupon fans can make some money as well as save.The site is well laid out and easy to read and navigate.This site did not really seem to have real specific search terms and seemed more of a site to browse and possibley make money.

So there you have it. There are different types of beauty coupon sites.

Broken down into categories,

Looking for coupons for specific stores? Try  Retailmenot.com and Couponcactus.com.

For specific beauty needs try Cosmeticspromocodes.com.Coupons here are listed under very specific search terms.

Looking to make money besides getting great deals on beauty products? Try Couponcactus.com and Couponchief.com. In addition these sites seem to have up to date coupons listed as members know they do not make any money from expired coupons.

Using this guide can speed up the process of finding the coupons you are looking for. While many sites have similar and even the same coupons  it is how they organize them and make them available that makes the difference.

Couponing For Beginners: How To Snag Deals On Beauty Products

May 26, 2012 Shopping

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Couponing For Beginners: How To Snag Deals On Beauty Products


We’re all in the eternal quest for the best beauty products at the lowest prices. In our efforts to find great deals, it often becomes frustrating when a purchase is finally made but the product appears only days later in another store at a lower price. Will the madness ever end? Will we ever be able to purchase our favorite beauty products without fear of buyer’s remorse?

Fear not, shoppers: there is a way. Now more than ever, manufacturers are understanding just how much consumers want the best products at the lowest prices. Thus, companies offer discounted prices on products with the use of coupons. In order to get the best deals possible, millions of shoppers have started what’s called couponing.You too can belong to this fast growing trend and start saving money on beauty products.

Before we tell you where you can find amazing deals on beauty products, let’s first go over the basics of couponing.

So what exactly is couponing? Couponing is the collection and use of coupons that give discounts on thousands of products found at various stores. Families have found the savings to be had with using coupons and have become creative in collecting and using them to maximize savings.


Types of Coupons

There are many types of discounts found on coupons, but for our purposes, here are the four most common types of discounts found on coupons. First, the buy-one-get-one-free coupon, which is what it sounds like–if you buy one product, you get another free. Second, the percentage discount coupon, which features a percentage off the item’s total (usually anywhere from 5% to 50%). Third, a dollar amount discount coupon, where a specified amount is taken off of the price (50 cents off, for example). Fourth, the upgrade or product addition coupon, which allows you to either upgrade a product to a bigger size or get another similar product for free with its purchase.


Where to Find Coupons

Now that we know what coupons are, let’s talk about where to find coupons. The most commonly used method of finding coupons come from weekly ads in the newspaper. Most major newspapers feature store ads along with manufacture coupons twice weekly. Manufactures also ship weekly coupons through the mail as well.

Coupons aren’t limited to the newspaper, however. If you don’t have a daily mail delivery service, there are places to find coupons. Online coupon websites are growing in popularity for its simplicity in allowing shoppers to search for specific product coupons  as well as virtually organizing their coupons, eliminating the need for clipping, organizing, and storing. When you are ready to shop, simply print off the coupons you need and head to the store.

When organizing your coupons from various sources, remember the difference between manufacture and store coupons. Store coupons are coupons to be used at specific stores. For example, if you are flipping through coupons in a Target advertisement, that coupon can only be used at Target (although many stores are starting to accept competitor coupons, so check with individual stores on their own policy.)

Manufacture coupons, on the other hand, are accepted anywhere the product is sold. These types of coupons are offered by the makers of various products in order to promote new products and compel buyers to purchase.

The Best Products for Couponing

Among the many products available to purchase with a coupon, perhaps the most popular (and biggest bang for your buck) are beauty products. From shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste, to make-up, nylons, and moisturizer, the deals are there to be found using beauty coupons.

Because beauty products rarely expire, it’s almost never a bad idea to stock up on various beauty products. Using coupons to purchase these items just makes sense. Fortunately, many of these beauty product coupons can be redeemed at a grocery store or your neighborhood drug store and shoppers are frequently allowed to use the coupon for multiple quantities of a product.

Where to Snag Coupons Online for Beauty Products

It’s clear to see the benefit of couponing online. So, we’ve brought you the best websites for finding deals for beauty products. Along with these and other sites, take note of your favorites and check back often for additional deals as coupons change often.

Printablecouponsanddeals.com–This website allows you to search for your favorite products to see if a coupon exists for it. They also organize coupons categorically and offer thousands of beauty product coupons.

Makinglifebetter.com–This website is run by Unilever which controls several brands of beauty products like Q-Tips, St. Ives, Suave, TRESemme, and Vaseline. They feature daily printable coupons for each of their brands.

Coolsavings.com–Not only can you search for individual product coupons on this site, but you can also compare prices and keep a tally of your savings.

Of course not to count our selves out blackhairplanet.com as a unique listing of beauty sites that offer coupons that women of color use.

These are only a few of hundreds of coupon websites. Do a general internet search for online couponing and you will find many reputable coupon sources.


Is Couponing Worth It?


Some say that the savings from couponing is not worth the effort. After all, it involves oftentimes hours of sifting through coupons, cutting and organizing, and planning meals and grocery lists in conjunction with current coupons in your stockpile. Although the most extreme of couponers make couponing a full-time job, even those with limited time can benefit from couponing.


Some people will purchase an item solely on the fact that they have a coupon, even if they don’t intend on consuming the product. In this sense, couponing loses its value and ends up not saving money. If you use coupons for items you already purchase, however, then it does become of value. Even a few cents saved here and there quickly adds up, and the few minutes it takes to find, cut, and organize coupons is often offset by the savings amount.